Friends of BaDDogz

We are pleased to share with you websites who provide us with services that you might find useful:


Fotomedia is a professional photography service who is commissioned to take all of our official BaDDogz portraits.  We have several "sittings" per year where your dog can be photographed either in a portrait style or running on an agility course.

Trudy Swann - Dog Behaviourist

Trudy provides a specialist dog behaviour consultation service covering all behaviour problems from aggression to separation anxiety.

Courts Embroidery

Courts Embroidery are a Cornish-based company who supply the official BaDDogz merchandise.  They provide an excellent level of customer service and our customers are always pleased with the quality of their products. 

Hawksland Hydrotherapy

Ros Boisseau is a Chartered physiotherapist with over 30 years experience who runs her own hydrotherapy centre.  Ros has successfully diagnosed and treated several of our members dogs who were experiencing discomfort when working. 


Agilitynet provides a comprehensive website about everything to do with agility.  You can download show schedules, find equipment for sale and even join in the forum if you wish.


Agility Eye offers an online points system for dogs competing in agility across the country.  In fact, one of our BaDDogz (Merlin) won the South West award for best overall Medium Grade 6 dog in 2007 and the best overall Medium Grade 7 dog for 2008.