We are proud to share with you just a few of the comments that members have made about training their dogs with BaDDogz . . . (and we now even have our own poem) . . .

"I've always loved the thought of taking part in agility, and when my little tornado Kai came along and the help of a special friend pointing me in the right direction for clubs I finally got my chance to take part. 

Agility means the world to me, not only because I'm having fun with my dog, but because of the great people I've met and got chance to share my enjoyment and time with.  You have all become like a second family to me (I know sounds daft but very true :) ).

Thank you Trudy and co for everything!!  Sarah ~ Kai and Izzy's mum

"Trudy you are one in a million special lady with the patience of an angel.  Not only have you given me fantastic instruction in agility, but you have also educated me to the modern techniques of dog training.  You are a true inspiration and Finlay, Bridey, Shaylee, Tara, Molly and myself would like to wish you good luck for the year ahead".  Rose ~ Molly's mum

"Thank you for helping me change a timid puppy who wouldn't come out from under the chair into a lively, confident dog and for introducing us to a sport we both love.  There's nothing 'bad' about the BaDDogz community.  Now 'mad'  well that's another story!"  Shirley ~ Petra's mum

"Where do I begin? Probably before I even joined as a BaDDogz member, I'd heard such good things about you! Based on popular opinion, I'd expected such great things from you - and we have not been disappointed. It is comforting to know that Alfie is not only getting a great education with you, but he is enjoying every moment of it. We owe a huge thanks to you not only for the activities you plan, the courses you design, and the dynamic way you deliver your lessons, but also for the friendships you help foster - between dogs and people alike!

We have both developed so much with your positive support and encouragement, and you have been a great help in our preparation for next year - I just hope Alfie and my performance will be a tribute to all our efforts.  We anticipate a fun and eventful 2012, and look forward to each of your lessons".  Toni ~ Alfie's mum

"We've been bitten by the agility bug - it's got us hook, line and sinker!  Never did I think that answering a small advert would have such an effect on my life!

My girlies look forward to it so much!  Thank you for all your expertise, wit and wisdom and above all, patience! (especially when Tegan decides that Trudy is better than chicken!)"  Mel ~ Mollie and Tegan's mum

"We have been going to BaDDogz since summer 2010 and have found a marked improvement in all training not just at class but at home too. Trudy gives us confidence to try new techniques and develop each week and we have seen a huge improvement in my ability to 'train' Wena. She, of course, has no problems being 'trained' as she is much quicker and smarter than me! We love training with our group - everyone is friendly and keen to do a good job for their dogs. It is hard to get right but everyone gives support and each one has fair time and opportunity to try out new techniques and practice ones we have accomplished so far. I couldn't recommend Trudy and BaDDogz highly enough and Anne too. Thanks for all your help and support - we LOVE agility. xx"  Marie ~ Wena and Molly's mum

Wena models in her spare time...here it is the BaDDogz Race for Life dog bandanas made by her clever mum!

 "BaDDogz club members are welcoming and helpful, so come along and meet us. Agility training offers the chance to learn a real skill, prepare for competition and acquire dog training skills BUT with BaDDogz the classes also give opportunities for fitness, fun and friendship... for you and your dog!"  Noreen ~ Kate, Stan and Tinka's mum

Stan 'the man' shows off his rosette which he won due to superb handling of his human Noreen

"My dog "Flint" has gained confidence and agility classes have certainly boosted his personality. He really enjoys them and so do I.  Lyn ~ Flint's mum

"Really proud of Fizz since we started. In her first year she had a 4th and a clear round in anysize, and and a 2nd and a 5th in the steeplechase. (In spite of me) lol But then we wouldn't have been so successful without Trudy & Co. Thank you very much."  Bryn ~ Fizz's dad