Ode To BaDDogz   by   Michelle Winn

If it wasn't for you Ms Swann, I'd still be getting everything wrong

Positive reinforcement you said, and there was I nodding my head.

It was like I knew what you were on about, whereas in fact, I had serious doubt!

But now by jove, it's sinking in, so much easier to teach 'sit, wait' and win.

BaDDogz is such a lifeline, showing me how to make my girls shine.

We've had our troubles along the way, but the friends we've made showed they're here to stay.

The day we met in that church hall, it was the start of us having a ball!

Although we've had an unfortunate year, my goal's now high, my aim is clear.

Return to our training, work really hard, surely it's not that tough to lose some of this lard!!

So here's to all in the BaDDogz group, how proud I am to be part of this troup?


   Team Tiny : Michelle's girls Missy and Mya...enjoying a walk with their Lakie friends Molly and Wena