Ag. Ch. (Agility Champion)

If you and your dog manage to reach Grade 7 status, you are then eligible to enter special classes, reserved for Grade 7 dogs only, called Championship Classes. 

If you win a Championship agility class your dog is awarded a Championship Certificate (CC).  If you win three CC tickets your dog is awarded the most prestigious of all titles, that of Agility Champion, entitling you to use the letters Ag. Ch. before your dog's kennel club registered name.

Merlin won the Reserve Championship Ticket at Agility Club Show in July 2008

 . . . we believe this is the highest achievement of any agility dog in Cornwall. 

He was clear in 6 runs that day, including qualifying for Crufts in the Medium Team Event. 

It was also 25 degrees, the hottest day of the wonder he is yawning bless him!