Who Can Do Agility?

Agility is a great way to bond with your dog, train them and have fun at the same time.  Although we have many years experience of competing in agility, we firmly believe that agility should be open for everyone to take part in . . . regardless of the age of the handler or breed of their dog. 

Which Breeds of Dog Can Do Agility?

We welcome all breeds of dog (not just collies!) from terriers to alsatians and spaniels to greyhounds.  There really is no rule about which breeds of dogs can excel at agility, well demonstrated by the fact that a lurcher won the ABC jumping grand prix class at Olympia 2009 - the first time a lurcher had ever won an agility class at the prestigious event.

We are pleased to have some of the less common breeds of agility dog currently taking part in our classes: a beuceron, chihuahua, rottweiller and yorkshire terrier!!!  Rottweiler, Chico, took part in his first competitions in the summer of 2009.  We are looking forward to our other less common breeds competing in the near future.

What Handlers Can Take Part in Agility?

In the same way that agility is open to all breeds of dog, there is no age limit for handlers to take part in agility.  Agility is one of the few sports where you might have an 80 year old competing against an 8 year old!  We think it is great when people belonging to age groups at either end of the age spectrum join us in learning agility, as you are never too young or old to take up agility as a hobby!