Getting Ready to Compete

You may only ever wish to do agility with your dog for fun.  However, once the agility bug has bitten you, it is likely that you will start to consider competing with your dog.  Although you may not feel completely ready (none of us ever do!!!) it is well worth doing some preparation to get your dogs paperwork completed.  That way when you do finally decide to go for it, nothing will stand in your way! 

STEP ONE: Registering your dog with the Kennel Club

Firstly, your dog will need to be registered with the Kennel Club. If your dog is a pedigree dog (with papers) then they will already have a Kennel Club name. If not, then you will need to register your dog with the Kennel Club on their activity register.

Here is a link to the application form you will need to complete...

You will need to allow 2-3 weeks for your certificate of registration to come through when you have sent the form off with your payment. Once you have received your certificate, you will have to get your dog measured before they are able to compete.

STEP TWO: Getting a record book

You will need a record book before you get your dog measured. This book will have details about your dog (including their photo if they are not micro-chipped!) and will need to be available for the measurer to sign and date the book once they have measured your dog.

Record books are available from the Kennel Club for £1.50 (hint: if you need more than one book, order them individually as you will not be charged postage on single record book orders of £1.50!)

STEP THREE: Getting your dog measured

Before your dog is able to compete at an agility show they will need to be measured by two official people who will note in your record book what height your dog is (small, medium or large). The height they decide upon will be the height that you dog begins competing on.

If your dog is obviously large they will only need one measurement, but if they are borderline large, or a small or medium dog, then they will need two measurements at different dates. If the two measurements are the same then this is the height your dog will compete at for life. If the measurements are different, then you will need a third measurement to reach a final decision about your dog's height.

Here is some more information about measuring:

As measuring only takes place at a limited number of shows each year, it is best to register your dog and get them measured well in advance of your first show so you are all ready to go when you do decide to enter a show.