Puppy Socialisation Classes

At BaDDogz we know just how important it is that you give your puppy the right start - it can set them up to be a happy, friendly and confident adult dog . . . a dog for you and your family to enjoy spending time with both at home and out on walks for the years to come.

A critical period in your puppy's life is between the ages of 8 and 13 weeks, so as soon as they have completed their vaccination process we highly recommended that they join a socialisation class to learn basic obedience and to meet with other pups of a similar age.

Our puppy socialisation classes are friendly and informative, run in small groups of puppies to ensure a high level of contact time with your instructor.  This enables us to help you to put our training advice into practice correctly and also to enable you to ask any "puppy questions" you may have about raising your youngster.

Classes cover:

  meeting and greeting / playing appropriately with other puppies

  self control - sit and wait and learning not to jump up

  really reliable recall - teaching your puppy to come back first time their name is called

  sit, down and stand positions - with and without hand signals

  loose lead walking

  the opportunity to ask any puppy-related questions you may have such as toilet training, inappropriate chewing, mouthing / biting etc

Once your puppy has completed their socialisation course, they are welcome to progress on to our Puppy Foundation Agility Course.

For more details about joining our Puppy Socialisation Training please Contact Us or visit our dedicated puppy training website Puppy Pals . . .

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