Puppy Foundation Agility Classes

At BaDDogz we recognise the importance of bonding with your pup at an early age and teaching them safely and positively in a fun and enthusiastic way. 

Our Puppy Foundation Agility Class is specifically designed for puppies and young dogs aged 4-15 months.  All of the training takes place at ground height while your pups are young to avoid any undue pressure on your young dogs joints. 

We cover all kinds of foundation skills that will set you in good stead for adult agility classes, or will just benefit you and your pup in terms of basic training.

Our classes are recommended by veterinarians and veterinary nurses many of who have been coming to our training for several years.

You and your pup will learn:

  wait and release command

  reliable recall

  engaging in play with your pup (with and without toys)

  directional commands - turning left and right

  flatwork skills - basic principles of following your body language

  learning to play in the presence of distractions

  working away from you to a reward (toy or food)

  rear-end awareness

  marking correct behaviour and timing rewards

These are the same essential foundation skills that we teach our adult dog beginners, however, they are specifically designed to be appropriate to the needs of young dogs.

For more details about joining our Puppy Foundation Agility Classes, please Contact Us or visit our dedicated puppy training website Puppy Pals