Class Allocations

In order to ensure that agility is truly accessible for all it is important that individual dogs and handlers needs are met appropriately.

Our aim is to ensure that you and your dog are placed in a class that is suitable for your needs (based upon your dogs age, obedience level, socialisation experience and prior experience at agility). 

While a little variety in a class is good and can be encouraging, your dog will benefit most from training with other dogs who are of a similar ability.  That way they can succeed in the exercises set which will lead to increased enjoyment and motivation for agility.

Due to the wide range of classes we run, we always have a class that will be appropriate to your dogs' needs - the only problem you may face is that due to our popularity places are highly sought after and you may need to wait for a place to become available.

If a place is not immediately available for you and your dog, we are more than happy to offer you a place on our reserve list.  We will then contact you as soon as you can join.