Shared Lessons

For people who require flexibility in their training, or who wish to receive tuition in addition to their weekly group, we offer shared lessons.  These lessons are for people in small groups of 2 - 4 people and particularly suit people who are unable to make a regular time slot for a group, or who already attend a group, but who wish to undertake some more intensive tuition.  You can choose who you receive your shared lessons with, or you can put your name down to be matched up with people of similiar abilities by an instructor.

Rehabilitation Classes

If you have specific issues with your dog (such as nervous aggression / socialisation requirements) we can set-up shared lessons for you with other handlers who have similar issues.  These lessons are taken by a qualified animal behaviourist to ensure your dog is trained in an appropriate environment to suit their needs.  These lessons can be a good introduction to agility while you work on getting your dog to a level where it is appropriate for them to join in a regular class.

Please Contact Us for more information about any of our lessons.