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                               This is me when I was first rescued!                            My big sis lily!

  The Zoomies !!! . . . 25th January 2014

Hello everyone, what an exciting week I've had!

On Saturday I had another agility lesson, I managed to do a full length tunnel, some weaves and lots of jumping. I also did something called 'sit and wait'...hmmm I get the sit and I get the jump and treat afterwards but I don't get the waiting part....why should I have to wait when I'm having so much fun!!

Sunday was beach day, me and big sis Lily along with our humans..(we had to take them because 1- we aren't old enough to drive and 2 our feet wouldn't reach the peddles) well what a great time we had! How was it the whippets put it....oh yes.... ZOOMIES! Me and lily did zoomies all along the beach and we went exploring the caves. Oh and I discovered the beaches have seagulls! I love chasing birds, I was climbing on all the rocks trying to reach them, I only wanted to play though.

On Thursday I had my weekly weigh in. I have put on 900grams this week. I am now 23.5kgs.

On Friday I went for a walk round the gorseland near my home, so many exciting smells to follow.

I had my first ever bone Friday night, lily got one as well so she wouldn't be jealous, I didn't know what to do with it at first but Lily soon showed me how to chew it to reach the yummy marrow inside. My mum says that chewing it will help keep my teeth clean and strong.

Right, I'm off now, got to make sure Lily hasn't stolen my bone! Bye x

  Lottie's Weekly Weigh In . . . 17th January 2014

Hello everyone, thought I would tell you a bit about megaesophagus and how it affects me.

Megaesophagus is a condition that means I struggle to swallow food properly.

It can be because the muscles that help me swallow are very weak or because I have a blood vessel around my oesophagus that tightens and prevents me swallowing.

I have to be fed standing up so that gravity can help the food go into my stomach.


My food has to be mushy like porridge and I have to be careful with what training treats I get.

An English pointer should weigh between 30 and 35kg. When I first came to my new home I weighed just 19 kg!

At my weigh in I now weigh 22.6kg so I'm putting on weight.

There isn't a cure or medication for my condition, just careful management. The other option is unthinkable.

Anyway, I'm off now. Going to practice my left and right for agility.


  Lottie's first agility lesson!! . . . 11th January 2014

Hi, my name is lily and I am lottie's older sister . . . because I am the older and smarter dog I will be writing this first blog. I am a saluki x Springer spaniel and I am 2 and 3/4 years old. My birthday is the first of April. I have lived with my mummy since I was just 6 weeks old. I have been training my owner Sally-Ann at BaDDogz for about two years now, I think I have just about trained her to run a full competition course. I LOVE agility, if I ever go somewhere where I see equipment I drag my mum over to it so I can run her round it.

About a month ago I got a little sister called Lottie. Lottie is 18 months old. And she is an English Pointer. She was a free to a good home dog, she hasnt been as lucky as me with owners and my mummy tells me she has something called megaesophagus. This means she cannot eat properly like I can so she needs a bit more tlc, I of course am happy to eat anything she cant finish.


                             Little sis lottie doing her first tunnel and learning the ropes at agility!!

Lottie had her first lesson today, I gave her lots of tips like barking loudly in the lesson gets you treats when you are quiet again and that at the end of a tunnel there is always something fun like food or a toy. Anyway, must dash, someone has just arrived and I need to bark at them before they are allowed in. Bye for now x