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                                                     Me as an ohh so cute puppy!!!

  Another Little Person and Other Stuff! . . . 16th February 2014

Hello all, seems a long time since I last pawed the laptop but here I am again.

On top of my exciting walks last week, and a really good agility class where Helen said I did very well, I started flyball, now I really enjoyed this with the new lady called Sheila, she was very nice to me. I am not sure yet why it's called flyball, because I haven't seen a ball!  My human throws me a ball , but as yet I have not seen one fly.  I do however think I am going to enjoy it, as my mum has bought me a tuggy especially for flyball, she puts it in the cupboard and takes it out when I'm not expecting it and tells me to "get it" this is fun, except after a couple of minutes she puts it back in the cupboard!

Now halfway through the week we had another little person arrive. He is smaller than my little lady, and a boy! So far he does not smell of biscuits, or any thing tasty. Therefore I am ignoring him at the moment, he is not much fun, does not play ball with me all run around the room like my little lady does, but mum says it won't be long until he's pulling my tail all I can say is he had better not. I did give him a jolly good sniffing, and one end was more interesting than the other. I will keep you updated should he become interesting, if not this will be the last time I speak of the little man.


This week has been somewhat traumatic. As most of you know I got a thorn in my eye. Now this was very painful, and I tried very hard to be brave, I know I'm not a big tough looking dog likes some of my friends, but mum says I was a good boy. I had to go to the doggie hospital, and have something called surgery, My mum was crying and I was very confused as to why they picked me up and took me away from her.  But it wasn't long before we were reunited I was very happy to see her but could barely wag my tail I felt very drowsy and just wanted to sleep, now I know you are all saying you're always asleep Ozzy, but this was a different sleep I just could not wake up.


After my surgery I was not allowed to go for a run for four days!  Now this was the hardest four days of my life, I paced the house I prodded my mum I gave my Paw I gave my nose in places she did not want it.  I chewed a toy of little ladies, something I never do but boy was I bored. I took tissue from the bin, and I ate a piece of puzzle which I was later told was a very important piece oh well not so important now.


Then I was finally allowed for a run, and I went to the beach with my friend Zachy.
We had fun chasing the ball, and the frisbee, but most of all each other.  Later zachy became a little tired, don't tell him I said that!  So our mums decided they would go for a coffee while Zach and I had a biscuit.  As usual I have to stay on the floor and Zach gets to sit on the seat! That boy is so lucky.  I did however try getting him down by pulling on his ears and nibbling his legs and just making his life uncomfortable up on that chair. Our mums thought we were funny but I'm telling you I meant business. 
When they had finished their coffee I decided to show off and did two zoomies around the watering hole, that will teach her to make me sit on the floor.

Anyway my doggy friends, tomorrow is agility so no doubt my mum will be making me practice those left and rights ,but for now I am lying in front of the fire warming all my bits and bobs hope you are too ...

My Wippy trivia for today is we were once called rag dogs !!

Bye for now catch me if you can ozzy 


  My Little Lady . . . 23rd January 2014

Hello everyone, my word the week flies by. 

Before I tell you this week's story I want to start with last Sunday when I got to meet zachy whippet. We went to the beach and met zachy and his mum, I really liked his mum she spoils zachy she takes her coat off to let him sit on it!  My mum always uses my coat to sit on if we're somewhere damp, so Zachy has a much nicer mummy.

But it was good fun and he liked to run with me, his mum said he never plays with balls or toys , well he played with my frisbee and I let him. I don't usually share my frisbee , zachy was a good sport. He was very fast and loved to run, but he did let me win quite a few times. Which I think was very kind. So I shared my frisbee. He also loved my dad, because he had that ball wanging thing that he uses. And zachy loved chasing the ball, and he brought it straight back and put it straight in front of my dad , for no treat and his mum says he's never been taught to do that he is really sart. when I grow up I hope I'm just like him.


Okay back to my story I keep barking up the wrong tree.  My little lady actually belongs to a human called Jenna, she is two years old so I'm told, and very small compared to the other humans. She runs around a lot and really likes food so we have those things in common. She can be very bossy and calls me hossy, no hossy, sit hossy, come hossy, stay hossy, down, but when she is not being bossy we have great games together, we play dolls house, writing, cooking, cup of tea time, I have to drink water from a dolly Cup , I really like to do that, but my favourite game is run with me, my mum always seems to be watching us, very carefully and will tell the little lady to be gentle or to calm down and when I want to go back to my bedroom she says, now leave him alone he needs a rest. And little lady says night night Hossy.

After a nap I'm ready to play again, my mum says I'm a gentle boy, so when I am good ,after the little lady has had a snack I get one, she is not allowed to touch my snack but I wouldn't mind if she wanted to. The best bit is when she leaves her Crusts and sometimes her vegetables, she is allowed to put them in my bowl, I have to sit and wait until she says go , but that is easy because she says it very quickly. I am a good boy because when she is eating I make sure I protect her and clear up all the crumbs that fall down from her chair, I don't want my mum to have more work than she needs to.

We went to the dunes this week, my mum ,little lady and me, this was the first time I have been there, my word I was excited, I could not stop running my head was saying listen to your mum but my legs kept going faster and faster and I run further and further away and I could hear my mum in the distance shouting Ozzy come back. Suddenly I heard little lady cry, and shouting where is hossy granny I stopped and listened she sounded so worried I raced back I ran up to her and gave that cold ,wet nose poke that she hates, and she gave me a hug, and did not push my wet nose away, so I knew she was worried I must try not to do that again, at least when little lady is with us. For all you dogs out there that aren't sure if you like Little people or not, just remember they smell of crumbs, chocolate and biscuits. They drop things and have fun toys, Best of all, they tell you lots of stories and give as many cuddles as you want.


Anyway it is time for my bed so I will leave you with my Whippet trivia, did you know that us whippets are virtually free of doggy odour, I wish I could say the same of humans !

Until next week my furry friends, oh and their humans.

Ozzy , aka Hossy Dog face 


  Friends Old and New . . . 16th January 2014

Hi everyone,

What a busy week I have had, meeting friends old and new. Starting last weekend and a wonderful day on Crantock beach.  Now I love this beach, more than I can say, I can run and run and run.  We met up with my friend Annie, who is a labradoodle , she has two humans Yvonne and Graham, I like Yvonne a lot ,she strokes me and says I am a handsome lad. But best of all she carries treats, of which she sneaks me one and thinks my mum isn't looking.


After lots of play with Annie, we went to somewhere the humans called a pub, now all I know is if I lie nicely under the table I get a chewy, I have realised in the last month or so if I keep fussing my mum gives me another one ,woof result.!!!  She says anything to keep him quiet, but nothing seems to keep her quiet!

Monday I had a run on Perranporth beach, where I ran into, not literally I may add a a rather butch looking Staffordshire bull terrier.  In a flash he decided he liked the look of my lean athletic body, and decided to have a taste!  Whoa, I was flipped over be for I could say "throw the Frisbee, "my mum saw red," growled like six dogs, "then took a chunk out of his human! Blimey I would rather face that Staffie again than her when she's mad! 😀
Any way I didn't hang around to find out his name, I don't think he will be on my Christmas list.

Monday evening is agility, and I finally got to meet zachy whippet . He was very zoomy, and made me quite excited, we are yet to have a run together but apparently it is planned for Sunday I cannot wait. Trudy said my contacts are coming along nicely, but mum isn't sure, I do love agility though, especially as I get sausage, ham, and sometimes chicken!! I'm not totally sure why I get these treats on a Monday night but hey I wish there were more Mondays in a week.

I have also played with Florrie this week, she is a bundle of fun, pure white and fluffy my mum says she is a bichon. And while my mum and Florrie's mum talked about the benefits of puppy training Florrie and I rolled around until she was a lovely shade of Mud, now that was fun. She was not much of a runner, but she did love to roll.


Tuesday I met bess, a black Labrador, now i usually like to be chased but something about Bess made me prefer to be behind her. She smelt so good, I could hardly leave her alone, I felt a bit confused, mum said I'd finally fallen in love, she said to bess's human I think he would like to MOUNT her, why on earth would I want to put her in a frame, I'd rather run or sniff her in fact just sniff. I have also run with Polly lurcher this week, and Winnie her brother who Mum says is a sweet heart. He loves my mum, because she always has a ball in her pocket. Narnia to who is a guide dog for the blind, she is very sensible and does not really play with me but she is very kind.

Of course I've also been on walks with my old friend Sandy, I am very sensible when I go out with Sandy because she is really rough, I have learnt not to zoom too fast because it excites her so. Anyway folks my mum has just told me not to woof on and on or I will be boring everyone to death.

So, I will leave you with PAWS for thought...A snippet of whippet trivia, unlike most breeds a whippet at one-year-old is 16 ,in human years!! No wonder I like to stay in bed all day!!!! Until next week, play nice with your friends don't scratch too much and I hope I will meet you all someday. Ozzy

  Ozzy Meets His Mother . . . 9th January 2014

Hello, my name is Ozzy, I am 13 months old and a lavender and white whippet, My mum and dad are called Wendi and Nick Oswald.

I allowed them to choose me exactly 11 months ago. They came three or four times to make sure they had chosen the right pup for them, ridiculous really obviously I was the right pup.

My mum says I am a old head on young shoulders! I do not know what she means by this, dad says it's sort of boring! They say I am the best puppy they have ever owned, mainly because I'm a good boy, if only they knew what I did when they were out :-)

I am not keen on rain, and I hate hailstones. I love the beach, running, fields, running, treats, running, cuddles, running, and my bed! Oh did I mention running???  Mums just said stop pawing around and get on with the story, so here goes . . . 

Last Saturday as my mum put on her treat belt, well it's my treat belt but she wears it ,I never did understand that. I could tell we were doing something exciting, as soon as I saw my frisbee and my ball come out of the cupboard I started to spin around Now understand I don't spin too madly, I realise these humans I live with like everything in moderation. But for some reason I was quite excited, I understand now it was because my mum was also excited, I was about to meet my birth mother and my auntie.

At Perranporth beach we came across these two whippets , one apparently was my mother. She was okay, a bit old for my liking. We had a sniff in the usual places, and the humans did that kiss cheek thing yuk! Then we were let off of our Leads and I soon realised where I got my speed from. Miriam, my mother was still very fast even though she is seven years old Misti, my auntie was very fast also but somewhat dippy. Dad said he was glad I didn't get her brains! But I soon bored of these two females, and went off to play with a jolly friendly border terrier, he did lots of Barking, which was a little annoying, but he was a good sport and chased me for 20 minutes before he got fed up.

  Mum and me at human training classes :-)

Monday evenings I go to something called puppy agility, the club is called BaDDogz I'm not sure why my mum chose BaDDogz when I'm a good dog. She said they had everything she was looking for to give me fun and control. And a little exercise for her! Now I love this class, I get to meet old and new friends, this Monday my very good friend Sandy, bit the back of my leg in excitement not really my idea of hello but that's Sandy for you. 

Mum told me I was meeting Zacchy whippet that evening, but he didn't come I felt quite sad because I was looking forward to a zoom around the room. I will woof more about agility next week.

  Me playing . . . or being naughty according to mum!

I have been slightly naughty this week, I tore up a tissue today !!!  Is that naughty? And I also chased a rabbit, that was very exciting, and I am not sure what I would've done if I had caught it, but it was very fast and I came back smiling:) I know I didn't come at my mums first whistle, I just could not resist, so I pretended I didn't hear her, but I did. She wasn't too cross with me though, she said it's in my breeding, don't know what that means , is it in a rabbits breeding to run away from me?

bye for now my pads are sore ,

Bark at you soon Ozzy pup