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                                     Haha . . . meee wiv me earz up . . . an me wiv me earz down lol!!!

  Goin Out Wiv the Kollys! . . . 24th January 2014

Well.. This week I am a bit cwoss wiv mummy.. so I am a whippet yes? Anywun hoo noes whippets noes that they liek to sleeep.. mummy has woken mee up at 6 o clock in the mornning to do dis homework.. I luvs riting my dogblog, but she hasn’t let me on the pawtop this weeek!!! Now I am dog tired (well whippet tired) so I hoep my spellin is ok and yoo can reed my blog ok.

So dis week I woz in a different ajilitee class. To be honist (an I no yoo wont tell) I thort it woz a bit easy this week cos I woz in anuvver class. But then Helen maid us go in the rong end of the tunnel and I thort that woz a bit complikaytid! The tunnel is my favrite thing too doo. But I will get it rite.

I hav not seen Ozz dis week but mummy sez that wee mite bee able to see eech uvver at the weekend (watever that is – mummy sez its too days that arr different to the other dayz)

I went out wiv my fwends the kollys dis week too – my bruvver is a kolly (he is corled Bailey – sum people mite no him, he is a bit boingy) we hav too fwends that are kollys I don’t feel left out even tho everywun is black and wite.. I just get boingy too, whippets are better at zoomies than boings but I can pwetend. I don’t reely see the point of boings.. it waists energy that cood be for zoomies! That’s why I always beet them in zoomies, cos they boing too much BOL!

But evewy day wee go to the farm wiv the horses – I liek that its fun, I can zoomy all over the place, altho mummy tells me off if I zoomy too neer the horses. I don’t understand why.. all the horses need is a big stick to chase and they can zoomy too!!! Mummy sez that horses don’t chase sticks.. wot weirdos!! I don’t liek to say it, but they can run a bit zoomier than me, but they do hav longer leggies than me!!

Anyways I hope that yoo have liked my blog dis week – I hope it will bee better next week cos maybe mummy will let me on the pawtop wen I am a bit moor awake, I secretly fink that shee forgot to remind me too doo my homework cos shee sed that I can hav extra brekfast dis morning BOL!!! Fink I am gonne go get sum zeds..

Hope everywun has a luvly week

Love Zachy xxx 

   Helllooo everywun.. I am Zachy Whippet . . . 19th January 2014

. . . most of my fwends call me dids cos I am diddy BOL!! Aunty Troody sed that yoo mite liek to reed bout me. I am a whippet and I love ajilitee!!! I don’t reelly understand why I hav to wait abowt so much cos I love zoooomies!!! But mummy sez that other dogs hav to hav their turn.

Torking of zoomies.. I went to the beech wiv my fwend Ozz today (yoo can reed about him on this page) hee is a whippet too, but I fink he woz fitted wiv reely fast legs wen he woz wiv his doggy mum, cos he went a teeny bit faster than mee.. but I got the frizbee and that’s all that matters.. I hav to say that I woz a bit tired, but I wont tell ozz that, cos he mite BOL at me so I just pwetended that mummy WANTED to hav me on her nee wiv my hed over her showlder..


In fakt shee woke me up to write this!!! She duzent let me on the pawtop vewy offen, cos I go on Pawbook too much.. oh no, its facebook – I sed ok I wood do it, but Oh My DOG I am tired! L

Anyway.. I fink that is enuff bowt me! There is lots moor dogs to reed abowt and I need to go to b…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Love Zachy xx