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  Who's that handsome boy?? Oh yes, it's meeee!

  Wow - that was breezy! . . . 8th February 2014

Hi there again.....only a little bit this week!

You know I was hoping that mum went back to work last week....well she did plus some! It's been a little bit boring after last week, at least I've had my bones to chew although I have decided to redesign my bed a little although I don't think mum quite appreciated it. Anyway work in progress is all I have to say.

No exciting walks this week just the regulation valley, although we have been trying out new paths. Ky seemed to know which way to go so I just followed on. Not many people out & about either, mum says it because of the weather. Ky & I don't mind either way as long as we can have a play in the water at some point! I like to have the splash about at the end of the walk because I have noticed that we have to have a wash with the garden hose if we come back all muddy! It's nearly as bad as travelling in the car!

Training on Monday was good fun. Keri had us doing lots of jumping & we practiced the dog walk again, we even added a jump in before it. I was a little frightened at first, although I know I get lovely yummy treats at the end but it's quite high isn't it! Mum said I did really well as I did go off the lead & managed to stop & stand on the little white bits at the end.

Well I'd better go I think my bed needs a little attention before tonight......although there is a spot in front of the fire I think I can squeeze in! 


  Mum's Been at Home!!! . . . 31st January 2014

Hello again...........well that's another week over & there is only one thing that I really want to say. Mum can you please go back to work!!!!!

Yep you've guessed it, mum's been at home this week & consequently I'm pooped! Don't get me wrong, I've love mum & we have been on some great walks but it would be nice to have our usual boy time, that's just me & Ky.

The walks have been great, although we have had to travel in the car. First off I don't like getting in. Mum normally picks me up & put me, & once in I don't really mind it. I was only sick once when I was a pup but I get all droolly & I don't even have a hankie. It's not a pretty sight. Although that said I know when Monday night training is on & can't seem to contain my excitement in the car. I whine at mum telling her to put her foot down so we can get there faster. Now where we....ah the walks.

Well apart form the normal valley treks, we've been to the beach & the woods. The beach was much space to run. Ky likes to follow the cliff edge seeing what he can find, but mum walks more between the sea & the cliffs. I can never decide who I want to be with so end up trying to keep them both happy. The woods were fab, so many smells & lots of mud. We left Ky at home when we went to the woods but picked up nannie instead! Thank goodness is all I say, nannie can't walk as fast as mum!

Training went well on Monday night.......mum was really strict with me while we were waiting for our lesson to start. It's really hard to be quiet as I love saying hello to everyone & can't wait to see the others from my class! We did lots of jumping & I think mum's getting better with knowing which is left & which is right...although she still confuses me sometimes! Helen, our trainer, also made me go over the dog walk again. Mum said that I can get a little nervous about the height but I really don't know what she was thinking........I loved it, & even managed to get the ending right too!


I thought I'ld leave you with a couple of photos this week. Apparently they make Mum & Dad laugh! We, that me & Ky, are only allowed in the lounge when we are invited........and as you can see technically I haven't left the kitchen! ha ha See you next week....I'm off for a rest!


  Just Us and the Buzzards! . . . 24th January 2014

Hi there again,

It's been an interesting week.

Last weekend I went walking with everyone, I mean not only mum but dad & Emily too. We walk a little slower but it's great cos I get to play with Emily & she loves throwing stones in the ponds for Ky & me. We still go down the valley but a shorter walk. The strange thing was it was very busy. Lots more people than normal & most were walking without dogs...go figure! It was weird to see our valley so busy & then mum bumped into someone she knew & said it was something about the news. Oh well don't really care what it was......I had my walk & play, I'm happy. 

On Monday night we had was fantastic. We did lots of running & jumping & even did lots of bit together. Mum treats me with some love fishy treats when I go training so I really don't mind it at all. We've also been practicing our left & right turning this week at home again. I think mums getting better & we also practice them when we are on our walks. Hurray valley back to around but us & the buzzards. Oh I nearly forgot......I finally killed santa! I've enclosed a photo. Don't's not too gruesome, mum's picked up all his stuffing! All xmas pressies now destroyed, guess I'll just go back to my blankie!

See you next week x


  Apparently, its Rude to Jump Up? . . . 17th January 2014

Well what an interesting week.........mainly wet but interesting.

Now something I didn't say last week is that once a week mum takes me to agility training. I started with the basic training, you know sit, stay & the rest but I always like watching the big boys doing the agility instead.

Well I love it. The jumping, the tunnels & yes even the weaves. Mum seems really pleased that I love those, don't know why! This week however we did the dog walk. Keri who's training us, is so patient. I did have a go before Christmas & mum says I did really well but Monday night was so scary. I'm glad Keri & mum were with me with lots of lovely treats. We also had homework this week....lots of practice lefts & rights. I think that it’s mainly for mum as she's forever getting confused & sometimes even checks out her hands. She says she's looking for a L for left!

Something I haven't said is that mum's a bit of a creature of habit. You know getting up the same time, working the same days & best of all regular walkies. Although every now & then she springs a surprise on us. Ky & I generally go around the Poldice Valley, Wheal Maid & Twelveheads & there're lots of different paths for us to explore. She also wears the same clothes for walking in & says that its because she can get as mucky as me!


This week we have met so many different people out. I’ve said hello to all & only tried to kiss one of them, Mum told me off & it was rude to jump up! We then met a lovely lady with her collie cross dog on the lead. The lady said she was sometimes a little grumpy with other dogs. I haven’t really met any really grumpy dogs yet so I just said hello in my normal way, the ground was too hard & cold to roll on my tummy so I just crawled on my belly. She was a lovely doggy & I’m not sure what the problem was but we then got some lovely treat from the snack pocket. yum yum.

OMG really need to go, mums coming down stairs wearing her jeans & jumper……….& you know what that means WALKIES!

PS as it was raining last weekend I decided to give my christmas pressie Rudolf reindeer a makeover & crash diet…..what do you think? 


  Wowwee....that is soooo much better! . . . 11th January 2014

Oh sorry haven't introduced myself. I'm Scruff. I'm a 19 months old Border Collie & I'm probably best known for being ultra friendly, oh & huge. I live in Poldice with my mum & dad, their little girl Emily & Ky, my big brother. I love life, walks & cuddles but don't like cars or lorries.

Now where we. Ah yes, I've just come home from my first stank (or walk) in a week. So good to be out & running free. We generally walk around the Poldice Valley & Wheal Maid. Depending on the weather & season it can be fairly busy although today we only saw a handful of people. I like saying hello to everyone although I reserve cuddles for my mum! She says it not polite to be pushy & there are some people who don't like dogs! Can you believe that........? 

Mum normally takes me out for a proper stank 3 times a week but she has had to do extra work this week. It's so unfair! Luckily Ky & I have a field we can run in. Ky loves his toys although doesn't always like to share, I don't mind as I get to play chase!

Well that's a brief introduction of me but best go there's toys to play with & people passing by to bark at, not to mention dinner!